Mission Statement

expo-exit | Vision, Mission & Values

At expo-exit our vision & mission is to provide seamless onsite support to the event or conference organiser in the following areas:

  • Help event-operations respond to onsite situations before they become issues either with visitors, exhibitors or the venue
  • Help understand the marketing persona of both visitors and exhibitors to the event and effectively engage them for future opportunities
  • Help the organiser sales team with the rebooking efforts
  • Help develop event content

Our values are simple:

People are the consistent component in all transactions whether you are buying or selling a product, service or an experience such as an event or conference, we believe in treating people the way we would like to be treated ourselves, this extends not only our own people but anybody related to our clients whether they be direct staff of contractors to your event.The proof for us that we get this right is that we regularly become part of the “event team”

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